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Added: Nov 2nd, 2019
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The history of the development and formation of the bitcoin system is amazing. Starting with a few dollars in 2009, this currency has grown in 2013 to 1000 dollars per bitcoin. It was then, after carefully analyzing the situation with the exchange rate of bitcoin and Alt-currencies, thoroughly studying the topic, we realized that this niche, despite the fact that all massively rushed to extract bitcoins, is promising and far leading. There was no money to establish a large farm of your own to quickly recoup the costs, so the activities of the company Mother Telegram Technology began with personal mining on several video cards, which in 2013 were still paying off, as well as attracting partners who invested in the purchase of equipment. Gradually, this tactic led to the fact that the equipment paid off, there was additional capital to buy ASICs, because mining on video cards was not so profitable. Old equipment was sold, new equipment was purchased, and the idea of creating a real production matured.
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