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Whether they're a startup with big dreams or a household name, we're here to help the crypto sector grow and thrive financially. In the grand scheme of things, private enterprise's foray into space literally happened yesterday. With so many cryptocurrencies built on the Ethereum platform and dApps being open source, Ethereum has a chance to reap the benefits of the network effect and generate long-term value for itself. Using the Ethereum platform, "smart contracts" can be created, which are legally binding agreements that carry out on their own accord according to predetermined conditions. In return for facilitating the deployment of smart contracts, the Ethereum network charges users in the form of Ether. Real estate and banking are two examples of enormous industries that could be significantly impacted by smart contract technology's capacity to disrupt existing practices and give rise to totally new markets. OrexBit engages in cryptocurrency trading and mining as a means of conducting business and distributing proceeds to our investors.
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